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Brighten Up Your Winning Smile

Brighten Up Your Winning Smile

Bleaching (also called whitening) is dentistry’s only purely cosmetic procedure. In other words, there is no functional component to bleaching. Lighter or whiter teeth are not any healthier than dark teeth, nor do they allow more effective chewing or more distinctive speech. Nevertheless, it is the rare individual who does not desire whiter teeth.

There are essentially two main types of bleach: power and home.

In-Office Power Bleaching 60 minutes $450

“Turn out the lights.” Ultradent’s Opalescence Xtra Boost is a revolutionary new concept for “in-office bleaching.” Opalescence Xtra Boost is a 38% viscous, hydrogen peroxide “power” bleaching gel designed for rapid in-office tooth whitening.

Opalescence Xtra Boost is chemically activated, no expensive lights are required to achieve quick whitening results. This unique in-office system can work for any lifestyle or busy schedule. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour, so the patient can whiten their teeth during a lunch break, before or after work, its that convenient.

Teeth Whitening 30 minutes $350

Home use kit for Special Occasions (weddings, reunions, parties and personal gift to oneself). Claim back what nature has given you. We use an advanced and effective whitening system that is safe and approved by the American Dental Association. The teeth need to be decay free and clean for safe and effective use of the whitening products. The process includes: photographic records; individually made custom delivery trays for the upper and lower teeth; cost of whitening product included; a complimentary examination is given with every Whitening system. The teeth may need to be cleaned at an extra cost.

2 appointments

Touch-up Whitening Solution $49

Dental Sealants $70 per tooth

Treatment for Sensitive Teeth $45 per tooth

Treatment for weak, cavity prone teeth $145 per arch

Tooth Recontouring/Microabrasion $60-90 per tooth

Smoke and Smokeless Tobacco Cessation

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