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2999 Regent Street, Suite 727

Berkeley, CA 94705 USA

Consultations And Examinations

Consultations and Examinations

Oral Consultation 30 minutes $75

We can provide you with a suitable product and valuable assistance for all situations: sensitive teeth, dry mouth, bad breath, stained or crooked teeth, bleeding gums, grinding, locking or clicking jaw, headaches, snoring and wisdom teeth problems. If you would like to introduce your child to the dentist without the use of a drill, we can assist you.

Oral Care Solution 1.5 hours $300

Recommended for all our new guests. Our duty of care is to collect the necessary information to allow Dr.Johnson to formulate an educated and accurate diagnosis and to deliver the appropriate advice to our guests. This may include:

  • Comprehensive Oral Examination to record the teeth and supporting tissues.
  • Clinical Periodontal Analysis and Recording to assess the condition of the gums.
  • Clinical Occlusal Analysis including muscle and joint palpation, We check for bruxing, clenching, tongue posture, headaches, para-function and crowding. Digital photographic records may be taken showing structures within the mouth.
  • Digital Radiographs (usually 2 or more) to find out information between the teeth or under fillings.

Other tasks that may be necessary include:

  • Pulp Vitality Testing to determine the clinical status of the nerve of the tooth.
  • Diagnostic Study Models prepared frommpressions of your upper and lower teeth.

We are a preventative based oral care center. All information is used to monitor and maintain the oral tissues in good health.

If findings show the absence of disease, then we will aim to maintain the oral environment in good health. However, if the findings show a presence of disease, a treatment plan with options will be recommended and a specialist may be involved to restore your mouth to an optimum healthy condition.

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