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2999 Regent Street, Suite 727

Berkeley, CA 94705 USA


Remarkably Thorough and Caring ****4 Star Rating-Very Good

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Whitney Johnson for many years. We all agree it would be very hard to find a more thorough or more caring dentist. Quite aside from his obvious skills as a practitioner, he stands out in his readiness not only to share his own thinking, but to consider as well the patient's thoughts or suggestions.

PROS: Not only high skilled in his work, but superb in answers and explanations.

Revan T.

I grew up with Whitney and saw his dad as a dentist until he retired. He's also the sports medicine go-to guy at Cal for athletes who need dental work or have emergencies....I recently had to call Whitney when I cracked a tooth and he saw me the same day and fixed it. Nice guy, very up to date on all the new stuff you can get done, and, of course, a Cal guy....what else do you need?...Go Bears!

Tim C.

Dr. Johnson
My situation has improved. Because my teeth were restored, my CPAP worked at much lower pressures, which enabled the antibiotics to kick in, which reduced my fever, brought down my blood sugar, allowing my blood pressure to come down which cleared the weakness and allowed me to eat...
Like I said, "I bet they don't teach this in Dental School.". Rather I believe your gift came from innate kindness and compassion. You are a wonderful man and I am honored to know you.

Alex S.

My Dear Dr Johnson,Your generous act on Friday of not only fixing my tooth, but leaving my mouth feeling almost youthful left me speechless and I did not express my appreciation adequately. It was most kind and generous of you. I want to wish you , your family and wonderful staff Happy Holidays and hope all of us enjoy a peaceful new year.

Katherine D.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me & my filling! No more pain, it feels GREAT!


Thank you, Dr Johnson for seeing me on such short notice

  • for your thorough examination
  • for sharing the mirror
  • for your honest evaluation
  • for your generosity
  • for your time
  • for your expertise

It's easy to see why my daughter says "he's the tops" when she hands me your phone number.

Thank you, Peace.



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